Cherik collaboration

1. Lineart by arisupaints / Colour by shigtopia

2. Lineart by shigtopia / Colour by arisupaints

Arisu says:

Soo a while ago I talked Shigai into collaborating on a Cherik picture. We pretty much immediately decided to draw some domestic fluff. :D (I am so lucky.) Each of us drew a lineart, and then we exchanged them for colouring. I am responsible for the comic style lineart, and I got to colour in Shigai’s wonderful realistic drawing. Our styles are very different, so I think we both struggled a bit, but it was so much fun! Thank you so much for working with me! 

Shigai says:

I’m really happy Arisu came to me with the idea of this collaboration. This was such a fun experience! And it also served to show me how much I lack in confidence to paint comic style, and how much I can improve. I am responsible for the realistic lineart, and the colour of Arisu’s delightfully detailed lineart. I’m really glad you thought of me for this collab, and it’s been really a pleasure to work with you. THANK YOU ♥ 

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